100 Faces of Human-to-Nonhuman Encounter

This set of 100 images shows humans in relation to non-humans: animals, objects, machines, robots and the like. We chose the images to represent a full range of encounters representing the social/environmental condition. To do this, the 'Faces of Human to Non-Human Encounter' were mapped against the Circles of Social Life domains and subdomains.




1. Materials and Energy        

· Albert Hofmann, 1906

· Power house mechanic working on steam pump

2. Water and Air

· Business Insider, 2015, men washing faces

· Charlton Heston parting the Red Sea, film

· Fan Death

· Marine mathematicians

3. Flora and Fauna

· Chipko-movement, 1970

· Dolly the sheep and her creator, Professor Ian Wilmut

· Elliot Erwitt, New York, 2000

· Hafiz-i Abru’s Majma al-tawarikh, 'Noah’s Ark' Iran

· Hitchcock, Jim Warren, The Birds

· Hyena

· Ma-gu Holding a Vase, with a Deer, 1766

· Monkey circus training, Suzhou-Yongzhi Chu

· 'Watson and the Shark', 1778 John Singleton Copley, Havana, Cuba

4. Habitat and Settlements

· Erika La Tour Eiffel married the tower

· Harrison 'Jack' Schmitt (Apollo 17 EVA-1, 1972)

· Jean-Leon Gerome, Napoleon rides on Egypt

5. Built-Form and Transport

· Henry Ford and Model-T, 1921

· Hippo harnessed

6. Embodiment and Sustenance

· DL2

· Hominid

· Lap pillow

· Chouthi-Bai

· Romulus and Remus

7. Emission and Waste          

· Agbogbloshie, Ghana, e-waste

· Dede Surinaya surfs a remote but garbage-covered bay





1. Production and Resourcing

· Coffee harvesting, Colombia

· Naryan-Mar, Russia; a herder stands amid his herd

2. Exchange and Transfer

· Sao Paulo stock exchange

· Hamar Weyne, Mogadishy, Somalia-Porters

3. Accounting and Regulation

· Junk silver US coins, 1 face value

· Luca Pacioli in a 1495 portrait by Renaissance artist

4. Consumption and Use

· Drink Coca-Cola, 5¢, 1890

· Make-up monkey, Karachi, Pakistan

5. Labour and Welfare

· Francisco Laso, woman washing, c1858

· Industrial WWII anti-aircraft gun, no goggles, 1943

· Modern Times, Chaplin, Charlie 1936

6. Technology and Infrastructure

· Claude Shannon and his robot rat, 1916-2001

· Ex Machina, film

· Lost Highway, film

· Steve Jobs, The Man in the Machine, documentary

· Virts, Terry, NASA astronaut

7. Wealth and Distribution

· ANZ boss Mike Smith explaining 'the huge problem' that banks face.

· Jacob Zuma announced that Nelson Mandela's image





1. Organization and Governance

· Emperor of the Universe, Sargon of Akkad

· Obama with Danish Thorning-Schmidt and Cameron

2. Law and Justice

· Oil Niger Delta, George Osodi

· Shades of Blue episode

· Nguyen Ngoc Loan, South Vietnamese chief of police

· Thich Quang Duc, 1963

3. Communication and Critique

· Doris Lessing

· Jose Bove and his sheep

· John Logie Baird with his television

· Palestinians protesting against land confiscation

4. Representation and Negotiation

· Richard Branson and Al Gore

· Obama pardons the National Thanksgiving Turkey

5. Security and Accord          

· Gas mask and pram

· Bikini Atol, Atomic Cake, 1946

· Harry R. Hopps, 'Enlist US Army', 1917

· Predator drone-operator’s chair

· Robert McNamara, 1916-2009

· Soldiers of the Sky, 1940, Nickolas Muray

6. Dialogue and Reconciliation              

· Pope Francis prayed at the Western Wall in Jerusalem

· David Attenborough

7. Ethics and Accountability

· British comedian throws banknotes at FIFA President Sepp Blatter

· It’s too late to give machines ethics





1. Identity and Engagement

· A child near members of the Muslim community

· Felix Nadar-Pierrot, the photographer

· George W. Bush

· I'm a cyborg but that’s OK

· Under the Skin, 2013

· Wired Ideologues

2. Creativity and Recreation

· Creation of Adam, Sistine Chapel, Vatican, Rome

· Gulliver, failed theme park, 1997, Japan

· IBM’s Deep Blue beats Garry Kasparov

· Justin Bieber's Cockatoo Island concert, Sydney

· Lawrence Alma-Tadema, 1881, Sappho and Alcaeus Lesbos

3. Memory and Projection

· Bosch Hieronymus, 'The Garden of Earthly Delights'

· Escape from Planet of the Apes, 1971

· Europa Report

· Interview with Phillip K. Dick, robot

· Fitz Lang, Metropolis

· Sculptures, cleaning time, Egypt

· Tuntankhamun, Cairo EPA

4. Beliefs and Ideas

· al-Sarai’s Nahj al-Faradis, 'The Paths of Paradise'

· Raphael – Saint George and the Dragon

· Utagawa Takiyasha, the Witch and the Skeleton Spectre

· Face Piercing, Phuket Festival – machine gun

· Ramayana, 'Sita Shies Away from Hanuman'

· Tiger temple – Watphaluangtabua, Thailand

5. Gender and Generations

· Amelie

· Demonstration of condom usage at a public market

· Sal 9000 marries Nene Anegasaki from Love Plus

6. Enquiry and Learning        

· Book store post air raid, London

· Shi’ites marking the death-anniversary of Imam Ali

7. Wellbeing and Health        

· Kissing your dog could improve your health

· Temple Grandin and autism